Truck Gear by LINE-X®Jump Starter and Power Bank is a compact, portable battery charger that delivers one of the highest cranking amp outputs on the market – up to 600 max amps! This device can start large engines, even diesel, and has dual USB ports to charge all of your devices.

Smaller, faster, cleaner, and easier than a set of jumper cables with no need for a second vehicle. Includes 12V DC and 110V AC charging cables, iPhone and Android charging cables, built-in 5W LED flashlight with strobing/hazard setting, plus a fail-safe system that will not arc if polarity reverses.

  • MORE POWER FOR YOUR MONEY: 18,000MAH Lithium polymer battery provides 300 cranking amps/600 peak cranking amps of starting power

  • Built-in failsafe prevents arcing when polarity is crossed

  • Built-in LED flashlight

  • Two USB charging ports to charge all of your devices

  • Includes charging cables for iPhone and Android devices

  • Convenient carrying case packs everything up into a small, easily stored kit