March 18, 2022 

In the automotive industry, you hear terms thrown around all the time.

Lift kit. Level kit. What’s the difference? And which one is right for you

Luckily, at Liberty LINE-X, we’re here to answer your questions and install the right suspension for your vehicle.

First off, do you even need a lift or level kit? If you find yourself going over bumpy terrain and you need a little more height, or if you would like your truck to have a better stance, you should consider a lift or level kit.

Now, let’s compare lift and level kits. Which one is best for you?



Lift kits are available in suspension lifts that use either spacers or lifted struts. Spacers achieve the same lift as a lifted strut at a cheaper cost but will not produce the best quality ride. Your ground clearance remains the same, but you’ll be able to install larger tires. A lift kit will help you retain original handling.

Suspension lifts, on the other hand, require a more intense installation. We’ll replace shocks/struts, springs control arms and steering components. But when we’re done, you’ll have more lift, better suspension articulation, room for larger tires, and increased off-roading capability.

Lift kits offer the following:


Sitting higher increases your ability to see the road and your surroundings. A higher ride helps you determine potential dangers in the city and the country. Plus, you’ll be able to better enjoy the scenery in every location.


Because a lift kit raises your vehicle, you’ll benefit from increased ground clearance. This additional clearance allows you to easily traverse rough roads and terrain. You can tackle steep hills, sand dunes, rocks, or rivers.


A lift kit gives you the ability to install larger tires on your vehicle. Big tires look good, but they’re also extremely functional. You’ll see better overall performance when you can customize your tires to your lifestyle. Whether you’re looking for off-roading tires, snow tires, or mud tires, a higher suspension makes any preference possible.


You may be ready to put your vehicle to the test on some rough roads, but you don’t have to endure a rough ride. A suspension kit makes it possible to even out the load, giving you a smoother ride—even if your vehicle is loaded down.


If you have a truck or SUV, you’ve probably towed a few things. Suspension lifts make towing heavy loads so much easier. You can move the vehicle from one place to another effortlessly. In addition, your truck has the ability lower down without the bottom dragging.



But maybe a lift kit is a little more than you need. If you’re not looking to create a total off-road machine but you’d like a more aggressive stance, a level kit is probably the right move.

Here’s what a level kit can do for you:


A leveling kit only raises the front of your vehicle. You’ll get more clearance and better suspension, but not quite the rise you get from a lift kit.


You can upgrade your ride with bigger tires but keep a streamlined look. You’ll get the capability you need and the larger tires you want, without changing the style of your vehicle.


Great for front-end work requirements, such as snowplows or truck winches, a leveling kit raises the front end of your truck for various tool installation. A leveling kit keeps your truck height consistent even when the front end is fully loaded. If you don’t want increased overall height, a leveling kit is the perfect choice.


Because a level kit doesn’t require changing out a lot of parts, it is the more cost-effective option. You’ll get the benefits of a lift without the price tag.

Now that you know the difference between a lift and level kit, you can decide which one is the winner for your vehicle.

At Liberty LINE-X, we can answer all your questions, help you choose the right lift option, and get everything installed on your vehicle to perfection.

Come see us and we’ll give you a lift!