May 1, 2021 


Do you have any idea what is lurking under the plastic drop in liner of your truck bed? We do—and it’s ugly! Rust is a vehicle’s biggest nightmare and the enemy of any owner. But what exactly is rust? Rust is the result of iron being exposed to moisture. When iron and moisture come into contact, a chemical reaction called oxidation occurs, which results in rust. Not only is rust unsightly, it is also extremely damaging to your vehicle. Once rust starts, it doesn’t just stop. Rust will continue to spread and eat away at your vehicle.

So how do you prevent rust from infiltrating your truck bed? A LINE-X spray on bedliner from Liberty LINE-X is the answer! LINE-X is the premium protective coating choice for your truck. Unlike drop-in bedliners, LINE-X creates a permanent bond to your truck bed so rust can’t grow underneath. LINE-X coating prevents moisture from reaching the surface metal, which stops rust from being able to form. LINE-X is applied using state-of-the-art equipment operated by highly trained professionals to ensure a durable and complete bond with ultimate rust protection. On the other hand, drop in bedliners leave gaps for rust to grow.

These pictures illustrate the problems with drop in bedliners. When we removed the liners, we found dirt, leaves, rust and holes hiding under the liners. We took care of the problems and applied a coating of LINE-X to protect these truck beds.

Can LINE-X prevent preexisting rust from spreading? The best time to apply LINE-X is before you see any rust at all. But once you see rust on your vehicle, you need to address it immediately before the rust spreads. Rust will continue to feed off moisture and damage your car. So instead of just covering up the issues, it is important to first address the problem and sand out any rust on your vehicle. Once the rust is removed, we will apply a coating of LINE-X to protect your vehicle from rust, weather, impact damage and much more!

Don’t forget, LINE-X isn’t only for truck beds—it protects every type of vehicle, whether on the road or in the water. LINE-X can be used on any part of any vehicle. We’ll provide corrosion resistance for your car, truck, JEEP, forklifts, UTVs, tractors, Bobcats, boats, haulers, trailers and more. If you can think it, we can spray it—and protect it!

As you can see, we sprayed this entire JEEP with LINE-X, offering complete protection from rust, the elements, off-roading, and anything else these owners can throw at it!

But don’t forget about the undercarriage of your vehicle. You may not look under your ride often but, trust us, it needs protection just like the rest of your vehicle.  We apply ValuGard undercoating to stop corrosion before it starts and extend the life of your vehicle.  This undercoating will protect from saltwater, moisture from rain and snow, and salt from deicing. We can also add a rust protector (if needed) before spraying the undercarriage.

At Liberty LINE-X, we’ve seen how damaging rust can be to all types of vehicles. Let us protect your vehicle from rust destruction. We provide 360° rust protection for every vehicle that gets you from point A to B!