Leather Seat Cover Replacements

July 28, 2022 

Whether you couldn’t quite swing the leather interior when you first bought your vehicle, or your once pristine leather seats are worn out, Katzkin leather seat cover replacements are the answer.

At Coastal Customs and Coatings, we stand behind Katzkin leather seat cover replacements and we’d love to help you get them into your vehicle. Why do we love these leather seat covers so much? Here’s why:



Do you want to love your vehicle’s interior? Is your dull grey or trashed out interior getting you down? Then Katzkin seat covers are the answer. You can choose from a large selection of colors and options when it comes to your seat cover replacements. With 3,000 interior options and 120 colors to choose from, you’re guaranteed to get the look you want. Whether you’re into a neutral tan or a racy red, Katzkin’s got you covered.



When we say quality, we mean it. Katzkin’s premium leather seats look and feel amazing. Made from high-quality, luxurious premium leather, you won’t find better leather seat replacements. For extra piece of mind, Katzkin provides a three year/36,000-mile warranty and guarantees that your leather seats will meet or exceed the fit and finish of a factory leather interior.  


Perfect Fit

Maybe you’ve dealt with seat covers in the past that are loose and don’t fit right. Instead of elevating your vehicle, they can actually make the interior look worse! Luckily, that’s not a concern with Katzkin leather replacement seat covers. You’ll get the right fit for every seat. A well-done custom seat cover looks seamless and protects your interior like nothing else can. In fact, Katzkin seat covers fit as good or better than manufacturer installed interiors. Turns out perfection does exist—in seat covers anyway.



Comfort and style can be important factors when looking to purchase custom seat covers but protecting your vehicle’s interior is also essential. Luckily, Katzkin seat covers are easy to care for. To clean the leather interior, simply use a mild solution of Ivory bar soap and clear, lukewarm water. Apply the soap solution to a clean, moist sponge or soft cloth and blot the area. No rubbing required.

Before After


Complete Transformation

If you thought you were stuck with the manufacturer installed seats in your ride, think again. Changing out the interior sounds like a big deal, but with Katzkin leather seat covers, an upgrade is easy. Katzkin leather gives your vehicle the look, feel, and smell of a brand-new factory leather interior. Katzkin’s network of professional installers remove the cloth from your front and rear seats, replacing it with your new Katzkin interior, including all the door panels and console covering (depending on the vehicle). As a general rule, if it has cloth on it, we replace it.

As always, Coastal Customs and Coatings is here to help you with all of your aftermarket needs.

We’d love to assist you in bringing your vehicle’s interior to the next level. You won’t recognize your car, truck, or SUV once you’ve replaced your seats with Katzkin leather covers.

Roll on into Coastal Customs and Coatings today and we can help you select the very best options for your Katzkin seat covers that will fit your lifestyle.