May 3, 2022 

It’s that time again – fishing season!

We know you’re ready to get on the water. But is your truck ready? Liberty LINE-X has everything you need to make sure your truck is all set for a great fishing season. Before you load your rod and reel, let us fit your truck with all the best fishing accessories on the market.

Up your fishing game with these perfect accessory options:


Nothing protects a truck bed better than a LINE-X spray-on bedliner. LINE-X is the ideal protective coating for your truck bed and boat. Nothing is stronger or more durable than LINE-X! LINE-X protective coating absorbs impact and prevents slipping to keep your gear safe and ready for a day of intense fishing. At the end of your fishing adventure, clean-up is easy. Simply spray out your truck bed and you’re all set.


Are you one of the lucky ones that gets to enjoy trolling from the lake in your own boat? We can supply you with a strong hitch to get that boat from house to water with safety and ease.

But maybe one day isn’t enough and you’ve decided to make a vacation of your next fishing excursion. Gooseneck towing and 5th wheel towing options will pull your camper smoothly and securely to your destination. Additionally, we offer great bumpers and receivers for towing multiple trailers.


Just because the sun goes down, doesn’t mean the fish aren’t biting. Dusk is prime biting time for fish—but it’s not always easy to see what you’re doing. We’ve got a range of lights that can mount to your boat, truck, or be freestanding. Southern Lite LED offers high efficiency Marine LEDs that light up the water as your boat cuts through rivers and lakes. Offering one-mile visibility and indestructible technology, with a Southern Lite LED on your side, you’ll never be forced out of the water by the dark!

Fishing from the shore? We’ve got a variety of fishing lights to help you reel in the best catch of your life. Attract more fish with over-the-water or under-the-water fishing lights. From floating fishing lights to submersible fishing lights to black lights, we have the fishing lights you need for your next night on the water.

Source: Southern Lite LED


Don’t worry! We haven’t forgotten about your gear. Fishing equipment is expensive. Your fishing poles, rods, reels, waders, and bait need somewhere to go for protection and organization. Organize your gear from poles to lures in a DECKED System. Completely customizable to fit your fishing needs and preferences, a DECKED system is essential. Don’t waste time trying to find what you want or fixing a pole that broke because of improper storage. This complete storage system will keep your gear safe and at your fingertips.

Don’t forget about toolboxes as another storage option. No fishing truck is complete without a toolbox to help store gear. With toolboxes from UWS, Cam Locker or Weatherguard, we know you’ll find the right box to fit your gear. Plus, you can enjoy the ultimate in ease when you install a Bedslide to your truck. This sliding platform will bring all those organized supplies right to you. No more fishing around in the truck bed-now all your fishing will be on the water!

Need even more storage? LEER Camper Tops not only protect everything in your truck bed, but they come with available single or double fishing rod holders. You can also add a Thule or Yakima rack to carry your kayaks or canoes. Camper tops will keep everything in your truck bed completely secure.


It’s not only your fishing accessories that need storage. What about all those catches at the end of a successful day of fishing? A Truck Gear cooler is the answer. Truck Gear coolers are thick-walled and durable. The thick walls provide the ultimate in temperature regulation-keeping ice colder longer. Truck Gear coolers come with a built-in chopping board, commodity shelf, cupholder and ruler.  Plus, they come with a 5-year warranty. What more could you ask for?

It’s time to get out on the water! 

But not before you come into Liberty LINE-X to get your truck fitted with all the best fishing accessories out there!

We’re your one-stop shop to get your truck ready for a great season and an optimal catch rate!