February 15, 2022 

Fenders are an important safety element for your vehicle. 

Fenders keep dirt, rocks, and debris from flying up onto the road and hitting other vehicles. When you upgrade your tires and go for something bigger, you need fender flares. 

Fender flares are extensions to the fender that can help keep your vehicle safe. Fender flares provide additional coverage for oversized or offset tires. But all fender flares are not the same and are available in these options:



Bushwacker Flat Fender Flares

If intense off-roading is a part of your lifestyle, flat fender flares are the right choice. The flat design maximizes tire protection and articulation. 

If you need even more coverage—or you are looking for a wide set style—you can go for a wider fender flare. Plus, extra wide fender flares keep mud from those bigger tires from flying all over.

If you want a more streamlined look, then you’re probably wanting fender flares without rivets. Flares without rivets align more seamlessly with your vehicle. However, if you like the look and statement of rivets, you’ve got some great choices. Fender flares with rivets come in drill or no-drill options. 

When you upgrade your wheel size, you may need to upgrade to fender flares as well. But historically, if you wanted those fender flares to match your paint job, it was a huge effort. We’ve come a long way and now, with color matched fender flares, you can avoid the hassle of a paint job. We can help you get the right color, right away.

Color Matched Rough Country Fender Flares



Bushwacker fender flares are made to be flexible so they can take anything you can throw at them. Whether it’s the adventure of a lifetime, or everyday wear and tear, Bushwacker fender flares can stand up to anything. They are made with UV protection and a lifetime warranty guarantees your fender flares won’t warp or crack. 

Rough Country fender flares give your vehicle aggressive good looks. These tough looking fender flares will compliment your lift, wheels, and tires. Rough Country fender flares come in a smooth factory finish, or a simulated riveted look. 

Make a bold statement with TrailFX fender flares. Made of thermoplastic ABS, TrailFX flares are UV protected and will safeguard against debris and rocks. These flares are attractive, stylish, and give a perfect fit. With a limited lifetime warranty, you can be confident TrailFX flares will last. 


LINE-X Your Fenders

Maybe your wheel size doesn’t require fender flares, but you’d like protection for your fenders. If you want to protect your fenders from wear and tear, an application of LINE-X is the way to go. LINE-X can shield every part of your vehicle—including your fenders, even if they’re plastic. If you like to off-road, LINE-X is a must. Defend your vehicle from branches, brush, rock walls, and debris. LINE-X can protect your whole vehicle.

Whether you’re going for function or style, Liberty LINE-X is your go to store for fender flares—and any other aftermarket accessories you need. 

We can walk you through the various fender flare options and brands to ensure you get the right ones for the job. We’ll get your fender flares installed and have you on your way in no time. Come visit us today!