Back To School Is Better With Liberty LINE-X!

August 9, 2022 

Summer is winding down and it’s time to get organized.

There should be some perks for going back to school, right? We think so! That’s why Liberty LINE-X is offering a backto-school promotion. 

If you like our page on Facebook and share our Facebook post, we’ll give you 10% off Bed Sprays and UV Protection for the month of August.

All you need to do is show one of our staff members proof that you liked the our page and shared the post. It’s simple–just a couple of clicks over to


Are you wondering if it’s worth your time to like and share our page? The answer is a definite yes! Our bedliner is the best way to protect your truck bed!

Here are a just a few reasons why you need a spray-on bedliner from Liberty LINE-X:

Reason 1

Impact and Abrasion Protection

Drop in bedliners are made of low-quality materials, which result in cracking and poor wear. On the other hand, our spray on bedliners are made of highest quality materials. These materials provide your truck bedliner with unparalleled durability and strength. With a LINE-X bedliner, your truck will benefit from the same technology used in military and police vehicles. Your LINE-X bedliner will be able to take whatever you can throw at-or on-it.

Before After

Reason 2

Creates a Permanent Bond

Because of our superior application process, a bedliner from Liberty LINE-X will maintain a complete and permanent bond to your truck bed. If you’re having trouble with debris and moisture getting under your drop-in liner into your truck bed, we can help. Moisture can cause rust and damage. A spray-on liner eliminates this risk, keeping your truck bed completely protected. 

Reason 3

No Cracking, Bubbling, or Peeling

Have you seen videos of people applying their own spray on bedliners only to experience bubbling and peeling? We do not recommend DIY for bedliner application. Bring your truck into our shop and we’ll give you a professional experience with a perfect result and amazing finish. Let us give you the benefit of our expertise.

Reason 4

Dampens Sound and Absorbs Impact

Your LINE-X bedliner is applied to the perfect thickness to absorb whatever impact comes its way. Additionally, LINE-X bedliners are comfortable on your feet while loading and unloading cargo. Just as it absorbs impact, a spray on bedliner also makes the job significantly quieter. No more loud banging and scratching in the back of the truck. 

Reason 5


With a spray on bedliner from Liberty LINE-X, you can completely customize the look of your truck bed. Choose from various colors formulated with UV protection to eliminate fading and wear. You can enjoy a custom bedliner with a perfectly finished look that no other bedliner can replicate.

Reason 6

Lifetime Warranty

Yes-a lifetime warranty! At Liberty LINE-X, we offer a lifetime warranty on all spray on bedliners. You don’t need to think twice about damage to your truck bed. We are confident our bedliners will protect your truck and exceed your expectations.

How’s that for a little education?

Now you know why you need a spray-on bedliner from Liberty LINE-X. Kick this school year off right and score with our back-to-school promotion. We can’t wait to protect your truck bed and put you at the top of the class!