12 Days of Summer – A Wishlist for Your Truck!

May 25, 2022 

Summer is right around the corner!

You’ve got your bucket list of everything you want to do over the summer, but what about your truck? Don’t forget to fit your truck with all the best accessories. At Liberty LINE-X, we’ve chosen some of our favorite accessory options. Now that we think about it, 12 days might not be enough…


LINE-X Spray-on Bedliner

Nothing protects your truck better than a LINE-X spray-on bedliner. A LINE-X bedliner creates a permanent bond to give your truck impact and abrasion protection without cracking, bubbling, or peeling. LINE-X bedliners dampen sound and absorb impact. They are also completely customizable and come with a lifetime warranty.

Before After


WeatherTech Accessories

WeatherTech offers a wide range of truck accessories to protect the inside and outside of your truck. From floor liners to mud flaps to vent visors and phone holders. Whatever you need, WeatherTech has it. Plus, WeatherTech accessories are sturdy and reliable.


Leveling or Lift Kit

Lift and leveling kits will give you extra space above your wheel well and raise you high enough to get over anything! Lift and level kits are ideal for providing the stance you are looking for and allow you to take off-roading adventures head on. We are also proud to offer Rough Country, Ready Lift, and BDS lift kits because they are of the highest quality.


Grille Guards

Grille guards protect the front end of your vehicle from damage in case of an accident or incidental scratches and dents from the road. Plus, grille guards can protect your vehicle from collisions with animals.


Steps or Running Boards

If you’ve got a truck that sits up high, you need either steps or running boards. Steps are smaller and give you just the boost you need—without running the length of your truck cab. Running boards are longer and look more integrated. Running boards also let you customize your truck and really “step-up” your truck’s appearance. We carry several options when it comes to steps and running boards. Best of all, you can choose the shape and style that perfectly fits your truck.


Tires and Wheels

When it comes to tires and wheels, we have a wide variety to choose from—and it’s important you get the right ones for your truck and activities. Tires and wheels change the look of your truck and increase performance. Wheels and tires need to match the vehicle and usage. We stock and install tires and wheels for highway driving to off-roading, and everything in between.


B&W Hitches

You shouldn’t haul a trailer without a high-quality hitch. B&W offers some of the best hitches on the market. Whether you need a tri-ball, gooseneck, or 5th wheel hitch, we’ve got it. With the right hitch, you can safely tow any trailer at the correct level with the correct capacity.


Seat Covers

Seat covers offer protection, comfort, and customization. Marathon, CoverCraft, and Katzins make the best seat covers on the market. If you want seat covers that offer a great fit and are made of high-quality, waterproof nylon then these brands make the covers for you!



You may not be aware of the wide range of lights available for your truck. You can light up any situation with LED head and taillights, strobe lights, and light bars. If you really want to make a statement, don’t forget about underglow lights.

DAY 10

Train Horns

Train horns increase safety by alerting pedestrians and other traffic that a truck is coming. Train horns give out a loud sound that can be heard from many miles away, minimizing traffic accidents.

DAY 11

Bed Covers

Protecting your truck bed and everything inside is essential. At Liberty LINE-X, you’re covered with vinyl or hard, trifold, retractable, or hinged bed covers. Our favorite brands include BAK Industries, Retrax, RollNLock, and UnderCover.

DAY 12

Storage Options

Bed slides make it easy to access your truck bed and Bedslide brand bed slides are some of the best out there. You won’t need to climb up into your truck bed or remove the tonneau cover to get to your gear. As the name suggests, bed slides give you the capability to slide the contents of your truck bed to you.

Tangled tools and gear will make a mess of your truck bed and damage its contents. That’s exactly where a deck system can help. Decked systems easily organize your truck bed, streamlining projects and ensuring the safety of your bed and accessories. They are secure, weatherproof, and easy to customize.

Toolboxes are one of the most popular accessories for a reason: most people need a place to store smaller loose tools. We stock toolboxes made of high-quality aluminum that are extremely durable. A toolbox is the perfect place to house your tools, ropes, and equipment.

12 days of accessories aren’t enough, are they? We know. But this list will at least give you a start over the summer months. Liberty LINE-X is ready to help you choose accessories for your truck. We can also install any accessories to perfection. Come see us this summer!