December 13, 2021 

At LIBERTY LINE-X, we do the holidays a little differently. A partridge in a pear tree? No thanks! Give us a bedliner or toolbox any day! 

So to help you with your holiday shopping, let’s talk about how we celebrate our “12 Days of Aftermarket Accessories” with some of our favorites! And best of all, you can bring your vehicle into LIBERTY LINE-X where we can help you find any of these accessories and install everything. 


Truck Bed Covers

Protecting your truck bed and everything inside is essential. At LIBERTY LINE-X, we carry hard and soft covers, trifold and rolling, and customizable fiberglass tops. Our favorite brands include BAKFlip, ReTrax, RollNLock, UnderCover, and Extang.


ValuGard Undercoating

ValuGard is a durable undercoating that is applied to the underbody of your vehicle. It is rust resistant and can dampen sound. It’s hard to know what’s going on in the underbelly of your ride, but with ValuGard, you won’t have to worry. 


LINE-X Bedliner

If you want to protect your truck bed, a LINE-X spray-on bedliner is a must. A LINE-X bedliner creates a permanent bond to give your truck impact and abrasion protection without cracking, bubbling, or peeling. Our bedliners dampen sound and absorb impact. Plus, they are completely customizable and come with a lifetime warranty. 


Off Road Lights

Lights on a tree are nice, but lights on your ride are even better. Lights are perhaps one of the most drastic changes you can make to your truck, JEEP, SUV or UTV and can completely change the functionality and look of your vehicle. If you’re off roading, you need to see the terrain. Ridgid and Southern Light LED have wide range of lights perfect for your off-roading needs. 


CAMLocker Toolbox

A CAMLocker toolbox wrapped up under the tree is sure not to disappoint. As one of the most reputable manufacturers of aftermarket accessories, CAMLocker products are high quality and high performing. CAMLocker toolboxes feature carbon steel CAM-locks, heavy gauge aluminum, and intense strength. These toolboxes are easy to get into so you can retrieve tools and items effortlessly. 



You can’t haul a trailer without a high-quality hitch. B&W offers one of the best tri-ball hitches on the market. With a tri-ball hitch, you can easily switch between balls for towing various weights and sizes. Bulletproof hitches have you covered no matter what vehicle you drive. With a Bulletproof hitch, you can tow any trailer at the correct level. 


Running Boards

If you’ve got a truck that sits up high, you need running boards. Running boards also let you customize your truck and really step-up your truck’s appearance. We carry several styles and options when it comes to running boards. Best of all, you can choose the shape and style. With brands such as Westin, Raptor, AMP Research, and NFAB, we’ll find exactly what you need.


Custom Seat Covers

Seat covers offer protection, comfort, are customizable, and will give you the perfect fit. Marathon and CoverCraft make the best seat covers on the market. If you want seat covers that offer a great fit and are made of high-quality then these brands are the covers for you! We can also complete replace your cloth seats with Katzkins high-quality leather seats!


Bumpers / Grille Guards

Bumpers and grille guards protect the front end of your vehicle from damage in case of an accident or incidental scratches and dents from the great outdoors—or the freeway. Grille Guards will particularly protect your vehicle from collisions with animals. We love Fab Fours grille guards and bumpers because they are the epitome of tough! But watch out for calling birds and French hens! 

DAY 10

Jeep Accessories

Aftermarket parts and accessories are essential to get the most out of your Jeep. And the possibilities are endless! From lights to toppers to doors, you can customize your JEEP anyway you want to—and we can help! What would we recommend? We love Bestop accessories! They’ve got a variety of innovative accessories for your JEEP. 

DAY 11


Going off-roading? A winch is essential for pulling your vehicle out of a tight spot. Most winches are designed for a specific weight capacity, so you need to get the right one. Warn and Smittybilt winches are durable, powerful, and affordable. 

DAY 12

Lift Kits

Lift kits will give you extra space above your wheel well and raise you high enough to get over anything in your path. Lift kits are ideal for off-roading adventures. Zone lift kits offer high quality and excellent results. We are also proud to offer BDS lift kits because they are of the highest quality. A custom BDS lift kit will provide you with the best suspension possible.  

Come on into LIBERTY LINE-X and celebrate “12 Days of Aftermarket Accessories” with our staff. We promise to give you exceptional customer service and perfect installations every time. No maids-a-milking here, just awesome accessories for a happy holiday season!